The name Qui-Vive defines the aim of the courses: to make students alert and articulate in a foreign language. In the online Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, qui vive is defined as: “ALERT, LOOKOUT — used in the phrase on the qui vive <on the qui vive for errors”. For us qui vive means much more than being alert or on the lookout. It is important to be well prepared for new situations as well.

For a businessman or businesswoman who wants to do business in a foreign language it is important to master the language well in order to understand all the information properly and to be able to communicate well on a business level. It is essential, too, to be familiar with a business partner’s behaviour and to be able to decode it correctly.

For an expat family that comes from a foreign culture it is not only necessary to master the language adequately but also to know more about social customs, the mentality and life culture of the new homeland. Good prior knowledge is of prime importance and can avoid misunderstandings. Through good language training and language coaching in the foreign language we ensure that students are well prepared for their new situation (work and / or life situation). This means students will be able to function better in their work and / or living environment.