About us

Qui-vive was founded and is headed by Anne Vandenneuker. She is an experienced language trainer and language coach and has taught for many years in Secondary Education, Adult Evening Education and language courses for multinationals, SMEs, the European Institutions and expat partners. She has worked for Elsevier Talen (the Netherlands) and CLL (Belgium) and has taught language courses as an independent for 18 years.

Anne has a university degree in Romance Languages from the KUL (Catholic University of Leuven) and a Special Diploma in Press and Communications (KUL). Her contacts with her clients are extremely open and pleasant and her approach is very motivational. Students should, above all, enjoy the lessons.

Anne herself speaks six languages, which is handy if you work with international clients.

She has a team of freelance teachers, top quality native speakers who are flexible and experienced with an extensive knowledge of language.

In her free time Anne paints, she regularly exhibits in and around Brussels.

“Thanks to Anne Vandenneuker’s ability to project herself into other situations and her much-appreciated flexibility, I was successfully prepared for my new professional challenges in very little time. In addition to her meticulous language knowledge Anne is interested in a wide-range of social issues and has an exceptional capacity to immerse herself quickly in new, often technical subject matter as well.
Thanks to her pleasant personality and the enjoyable method, her ‘course’ is – besides the undisputable added value for your language knowledge – a very enjoyable experience too!
This experience with Anne has certainly contributed to my being able to take up my new responsibilities with greater efficiency and self-confidence.” 

Hilde Van Lindt, ex-employee Child Focus