Target groups

Qui-Vive concentrates on two important target groups: business students who need to learn to speak and write another language for their work, and expat partners.

Sometimes the business students are foreigners who come to live in Belgium for a limited period of time. For these courses in companies and institutions the emphasis is on functional use of the language, use of the foreign language in concrete professional situations. We concentrate on managers and senior staff members as well as employees of public institutions. Functional integration in a new company and adaptation to a new culture in a foreign country, as well as adaptation to groups that speak a different language in our own country, form the basis of the training. To be able to reach these objectives fluent communication in the foreign language is essential. In concrete terms this can be achieved through various types of language training: basic courses, refresher courses, thematic courses, telephone conversation courses, language immersion etc.

 In addition Qui-Vive works for expat partners. These courses are focussed more on social integration, adaptation to a foreign country and its culture. To be able to integrate well it is essential to learn to speak the language. However, it is not sufficient only to learn the language, it is also advisable to learn more about the customs, culture, political background, facilities etc. of the country. In many cases this involves a small talk course.