What we offer

Language is a unique form of communication and, as such, of integration too. Day after day we use our mother tongue to communicate. Communication in a mother tongue occurs automatically. One hardly needs think about it. But this is not the case when communication occurs in a language other than the mother tongue. The foreign language is often a source of difficulties and misunderstandings due to a lack of adequate knowledge of the language in question and its rules, as well information on the social background peculiar to it. Learning a foreign language means more than just studying grammar and vocabulary. It is important when studying a language to devote attention to the culture, politics, customs, etiquette etc. of the country in question so that students can integrate better.

Qui-Vive offers language training and language coaching in six languages: Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. The courses are given by experienced native speakers.

Depending on the demand, courses can be given on location (at the office or at home) or in the Qui-Vive offices.

Courses may be individual (one-to-one) or be given in small groups. Groups are formed taking into account the starting level of the students defined in the intake test and measured against the CEFR.

The number of hours and days of lessons per week / month / project depends on the urgency, time available, level etc. After the intake test a lesson programme is drawn up in consultation with the student. This programme can be modified in terms of form and content at any time.